SHAHAR Capacity Building of 24 municipalities (DAI/USAID)

Despite making significant progress in the last decade, Afghanistan’s municipal government are not yet performing at the level they must to maintain their ‘social contract’ with their citizens.

In conjunction with DAI, ATR Consulting is assisting in the creation of a nationwide municipal governance system. This system centers on the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) and the General Directorate for Municipal Affairs (GDMA), under the program GDMA will support individual municipalities with standardized procedures for performing municipal functions, monitor municipal management and performance and provide municipalities with technical assistance. To facilitate this, ATR Consulting is taking a leading role in the preparation and implementation of a ‘Municipal Governance Capacity Index’ (MGCI) to measure performance in five essential areas; financial management, strategic planning, engineering and project management, administrative reform and community outreach. The MGCI will be implemented in 24 municipalities nationwide to assign a baseline score to each. ATR will then design tailored capacity building plans to address the particular needs in each municipality, and provide support and guidance to DAI’s embedded in the transfer of relevant skills over the course of the three year project.

The Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience (SHAHAR) is a $70-$75 million USAID-funded programme of USAID’s Subnational Governance Program.


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