We support our clients in measuring their impact and in understanding the complexity of the social, economic, political and governance context.

We design results frameworks and M&E plans for any scale of program large or small.

Drawing on an intimate knowledge of the country acquired through more than a decade of field experience, we develop qualitative and quantitative tools that are perfectly tailored to the Afghan context. Our tools are innovative, easy-to-use and efficient even in areas where the level of literacy is low or where access is reduced by insecurity.

Our expertise allows us to measure the impact of capacity building, local governance, development and stabilization programs, as well as communication campaigns.

We use reliable and creative systems with proven success to collect, transfer, compile and analyse information.

We invest in enhancing the capacity of our researchers, surveyors and enumerators so they can conduct quality interviews, focus group discussions, surveys and use other relevant tools within strict deadlines.

Our quality assurance process is innovative, comprehensive and adapted to each individual project. We use a variety of rigorous methods to verify information. We closely scrutinize the data collection process and if ever we have even the slightest doubt in the quality of the data, we discard it and start again. We are inflexible if field staff do not perform to our standards and we do not hesitate to train other staff if need be.

Research Projects