District Profiles

ATR has developed an expertise on the recent history of conflicts and political fragmentation in the North, considering Kunduz especially as a miniature model for all of Afghanistan’s larger conflicts.

For the Stabilization in Key Areas (SIKA) North program, ATR led in-depth qualitative and quantitative research in seven districts of northern Kunduz and Baghlan provinces and produced seven detailed district assessments covering the following aspects:

  • historical background;
  • political situation and power distribution;
  • state and parallel governance structures;
  • social dynamics;
  • development and economic features;
  • security situation, key figures and armed actors

The assessment included case studies providing vertical analysis on issues specific to the districts and reflecting developments at a larger level. The research allowed for the formulation of a set of strategic and programmatic recommendations for SIKA North future interventions.

Following the completion of the district stability assessments, ATR was trusted to design a capacity-building plan to restore effective governance in all districts under study.

Past Projects