Measuring audience and statisfaction of Afghan Premier Soccer League

Sport is a great unifier in all parts of the world. The Afghan Premier League is Afghanistan’s first example of an international sport organized on a national level including players from all regions, and the first to enjoy nationwide media coverage. ATR’s objective was to measure the social change resulting from the APL’s launch. In addition, the study sought to measure people’s satisfaction towards the concept, enabling the client to posses empirical rather than anecdotal data to fund-raise for the programs’ continuation in future years, and if necessary to modify aspects of the program to better respond to the public’s perceptions. ATR conducted qualitative and quantitative research with over 3,000 respondents in five provinces. Results were then analyzed for trends along lines of gender, age, location and socioeconomic status, culminating in a set of recommendations for the program to have the optimal social impact in Afghanistan.

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