Polling & Surveys

ATR conducts political opinion, media reach and market research for the private sector and donors and is a pioneer of phone polling in crisis areas. ATR complements its extensive reach and innovative data collection techniques with rigorous and systematic quality assurance practices.

Examples of Past Projects:

Opinion Research for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

ATR conducted to midline surveys aimed at understanding the local perceptions of adults in Afghanistan. The surveys were nationally representative and supplemented by qualitative field work, which provided context for the findings.

Presidential Approval Rating Survey (Moby Group)

ATR conducted the polling for the first presidential approval rating after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani took office. The survey was nationally representative and featured quotas of men and women as well as both urban and rural respondents across all 34 provinces in Afghanistan.

Taliban Perception Survey (USAID)

ATR conducted in-depth qualitative and quantitative research with more than 4,200 respondents in different regions to shed light on dominant perceptions of the Taliban, state control and the role of the international community in Afghanistan. The sample, from 18 different districts, was selected so as to be representative of the country’s diverse geographic, socioeconomic, tribal and ethnic contexts.

Measuring the Behavior and Perceptions of Smartphone Users (Moby Group)

ATR investigated the use of smartphones in Afghanistan, examining rates and conditions of ownership, typical uses of smartphones and reactions to the concept of accessing various digital media (including videos and television programs) by phone.