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Since its founding in 2012 in Afghanistan, ATR has grown from a two-person operation to company with over 40 full-time members that have completed projects in over 20 countries.

Our Mission

Assess, Transform, Reach (ATR) provides consulting services to the United Nations and other multilateral donors such as the World Bank, governments, contractors, international and local NGOs, and private sector industries in developing countries.

ATR is a learning organization which always seeks to grow and improve its quality and services. We invest enormous amounts of time and effort to develop staff capacity, to learn from our projects and to find creative ways to do things better. Improving our standards of quality is a constant issue, which is why we are always testing our research and capacity building techniques in the field. We remain vigilant, never complacent, and will always adapt our research instruments to reflect the reality on the ground.

ATR works closely with a team of professional development consultants who work across various regions, sectors, and services. We have worked on over 200 projects with various national governments, private sector industries, NGOs, and the United Nations.


Our Experience

ATR’s team of experts have decades of experience in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Central Asia, and West Africa: an asset for contextualizing data and recommendations. 

We have worked for the World Bank and the ADB, UN agencies, governments, international institutions, development contractors, and international NGOs: an asset for understanding our client’s needs.

Our team hold Masters degrees in Public Health, Public Administration, M&E, International Development, International Security, and Economics.