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Strategic Advisory

ATR provides exceptional strategic planning sessions, peer reviews, and tailored coaching services.

Past Projects in strategic advisory

ATR provides peer review and coaching services to our clients—tailored for the development of specific technical capacities—and facilitates strategic planning sessions. Through this work, ATR has led and contributed to the development of several strategies and policies for both the national governments and the United Nations.

In Afghanistan, ATR uses its expertise in several sectors to participate in and enhance policy dialogues. This has allowed ATR to leverage the depth of its experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of conditions on the ground, thus helping government strategies respond to the needs and aspirations of the population.


Migration & Forced Displacement

Migration and forced displacement have become among the most challenging and high-profile issues facing the international community in recent years. Learn more

Civil Society, Gender, & Youth

ATR has been involved in nurturing the civil society sector so that it may better represent the interests of the population and develop into a legitimate and effective partner. Learn more

Infrastructure & Rural/Urban Development

ATR’s staff brings a wealth of experience in urban development, whether at the ministerial or community level. Learn more.


ATR has been engaged in mapping, assessing, and building the capacity of local education departments to better involve the community. Learn more.  


Health and healthcare are intimately related to their social, cultural, economic, geographic, and political context. ATR provides a deep understanding of these factors. Learn more

Labor Market Analysis

ATR assesses existing skills and opportunities in the labor market to help organizations tailor training and other interventions. Learn more.