Since its founding in 2012 in Afghanistan, ATR has grown from a two-person operation to company with over 40 full-time members that have completed projects in over 20 countries.

Anne Jasmin-Falher

Founder & Managing Director

Anne Jasim-Falher, the Founder and Managing Director of ATR,  has over fifteen years’ experience in Afghanistan, including five years working in remote and insecure provinces.

Stéphane Nicolas

Director of Operations & Business Development

Stéphane Nicolas has held leadership positions in conflict and post-conflict zones for a wide range of development agencies and donor organizations for most of the past 20 years.

Monica Sandri

Capacity Development Director

Monica Sandri has worked for more than 20 years in crisis and post-crisis countries focusing her work on the socio-economic integration of refugees and internally displaced people .

Affiliated Consultants

Peter Bussian

Strategic Communications

For the past 25 years, Peter has served as an international development communications consultant and content producer with a focus on strategic communications as well as media production in developing countries – particularly in post-conflict settings.

Jane Griffiths

Senior Marketing & Product Development Specialist

Ms. Griffiths has over 20 years of experience in economic development in emerging economies in the artisan sector and eighteen years as a corporate high-end retail executive working collectively in over 60 countries.

Antonio Giustozz

Afghan Politics & Access

Dr. Antonio Giustozzi is an independent researcher born in Ravenna, Italy, who took his PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Giustozzi is arguably the most studious and productive researcher and author on Afghan affairs.

Sue Newport

Gender, Maternal Health & Vulnerable Groups

Sue Newport has over 20 years of expertise in family planning, sexual health, reproductive health, maternal health, gender and vulnerable groups programming. Newport is an experienced senior consultant, lecturer and writer with a wide range skills and experience. 

Md. Foyzul Bari Himel

Strategic Planning, Coordination & Documentation Expert

Mr. Bari Himel has over 12 years of consultancy experience in health systems, business and industrial development. His other areas of expertise include supply chain management, institutional development, entrepreneurship, and qualitative research. 

Aschkan Abdul-Malek

Finance, Strategy, Transactional Law Exper

Mr. Aschkan Abdul-Malek holds a MBA/JD in finance. He has over 12 years of consultancy experience and work experience for the AlemHealth, Altai Consulting, Heartland Alliance, Merrill Advisory Group, Corporate Executive Board and Harpeth Capital.

Andre Moeller

Energy & Resource Management

An engineer with a background in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency, Moeller has over 10 years of experience working as a consultant for government and industry and as a lecturer on energy efficiency and the environment. Specializing in energy efficiency technologies, with strong project management skills, Moeller has a wealth of experience in Afghanistan

Lillian Dang

Rule of Law

Ms. Lillian Dang is a rule of law, governance, and security sector reform specialist. Dang has extensive field-based research and program management experience in conflict-affected and post-conflict countries. Dang is independent legal consultant designing and advising on justice, security, governance and CVE projects, and preparing legal and policy research.

Hadley Rose

Rule of Law

Hadley Rose is an international legal consultant with experience working in multiple countries and contexts, including Afghanistan where she was Chair of the Law Department at the American University of Afghanistan. Rose has strong legal and social sciences research and writing skills, which she utilizes to inform programming, policy, and advocacy efforts.

Delwar Hussain

Public Health Nutritionist

Mr. Delwar Hussain has over 13 years of experience in the public health sector working in hostile environments including Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan and Afghanistan. Hussain has worked for key players in the public health space including World Health Organization, World Bank, Medecins Sans Frontieres, International Rescue Committee, and the Malaria Consortium.


Migration & Forced Displacement

Migration and forced displacement have become among the most challenging and high-profile issues facing the international community in recent years. Learn more

Civil Society, Gender, & Youth

ATR has been involved in nurturing the civil society sector that it may better represent the interests of the population and develop into a legitimate and effective partner. Learn more

Infrastructure & Rural/Urban Development

ATR’s staff brings a wealth of experience in urban development. Whether at the ministerial or community level. Learn more.

Conflict & Governance

ATR’s credibility in conflict and governance has been built through years of delivering quality outputs and the wealth of experience. Learn more


ATR has been engaged in mapping, assessing, and building the capacity of local education departments to better involve the community. Learn more.  


Health and healthcare are intimately related to their social, cultural, economic, geographic and political context. ATR provides the deep understanding of these factors. Learn more

Labor Market Analysis

ATR assesses existing skills and opportunities in the labor market to help organizations tailor training and other interventions. Learn more.

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