Capacity Development

ATR develops and implements organizational assessments, capacity development plans, curricula, and training modules.

Past Projects in Capacity Development

Administrative Office of the President of Afghanistan — Human Resource Management Training

ATR collaborated with Expertise France and the French Government’s Department of Cooperation and Culture to support the development of autonomous training capabilities for the Administrative Office of the President. ATR assisted with the reorganization of the Human Resource Directorate and guided the development of new Tashkeel and staff Terms of Reference. ATR also worked to develop the capacity of the Human Resource Directorate staff to manage human resources, particularly through establishing the ability to conceive and deliver effective training services.

Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation Program — National and Subnational Capacity Assessment

ATR provided recommendations for targeted capacity building interventions in order to strengthen the managerial, administrative, and technical capacities of the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in managing UNICEF’s Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation Program.

Stability in Key Areas–North — Capacity Building for Local Government and Governance Entities

ATR designed and implemented a capacity building strategy for the district staff and governance bodies in several provinces in northern Afghanistan. The capacity building strategy was informed by previous research and a capacity gap assessment. The project featured extensive monitoring and evaluation.


Migration & Forced Displacement

Migration and forced displacement have become among the most challenging and high-profile issues facing the international community in recent years. Learn more

Civil Society, Gender, & Youth

ATR has been involved in nurturing the civil society sector so that it may better represent the interests of the population and develop into a legitimate and effective partner. Learn more

Infrastructure & Rural/Urban Development

ATR’s staff brings a wealth of experience in urban development, whether at the ministerial or community level. Learn more.

Conflict & Governance

ATR’s credibility in conflict and governance has been built through years of delivering quality outputs and a wealth of experience. Learn more


ATR has been engaged in mapping, assessing, and building the capacity of local education departments to better involve the community. Learn more.  


Health and healthcare are intimately related to their social, cultural, economic, geographic, and political context. ATR provides a deep understanding of these factors. Learn more

Labor Market Analysis

ATR assesses existing skills and opportunities in the labor market to help organizations tailor training and other interventions. Learn more.

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