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Migration & Displacement

ATR informs governments, donors, and NGOs on the impact of their policies and programs related to migrants and displaced people.

Migration and forced displacement have become among the most challenging and high-profile issues facing the international community in recent years. ATR has been involved in supporting policies and durable solutions with work across all five of its main sectors.  

Key Migration & Displacement Projects

  • A comprehensive assessment of Afghanistan’s IDP policy, assessing features such as content appropriateness, effectiveness, challenges, and possible solutions.
  • A conflict and fragility study under the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project which included questions on IDPs and returnees.
  • Market analyses aimed at IDPs and returnees in the Afghanistan case. The study informed the design of training modules aimed at building necessary skills among relevant populations to facilitate employment and integration.
  • Perception surveys on Malian diaspora for the Danish Refugee Council.
  • A study on safeguarding the well-being of children in IDP camps for WHH.
  • A study on family reunification of unaccompanied and separated children project for War Child.