Past Projects

Since 2012, ATR Consulting has worked with over 70 clients to deliver over 230 projects across 20 countries.

Monitoring Evaluation and LearningGenderMidterm Evaluation-Access to Justice through Culturally Sensitive Approaches-Phase II
ATR evaluated the progress made towards achieving planned objectives of by TAF. This qualitative evaluation assesses the effectiveness and the sustainability of efforts made by this project implemented by the Asia Foundation to strengthen the capacities of Family Resolution Centre, Community Dialogue Group (CDG), CDG facilitators, Khateebs, teachers and targeted communities to promote and protect women’s rights within Islamic perspective. As a result, ATR provide recommendations for the enhancement of the project.
ATR conduct 28 FGDs and 26 KIIs with relevant stakeholders and implementing partners and beneficiaries of the project.
The Asia FoundationAfghanistan10/2020-01/2021
Socioeconomic ResearchHealthData collection for study for Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation among Adolescent Girls
ATR conducted a research to assess the perception of the community members (girls, teachers, parents and elders) about the usage of iron folic acid tablets distributed in schools by UNICEF. The result of this socio-cultural study will help UNICEF to better understand local barriers and fears and to develop more efficient plans for iron folic acid distributions.
Third Party MonitoringDevelopment and Humanitarian AssistanceThird-Party Monitoring of poppy substitution projects (CBARD East & West)
ATR provides independent third-party monitoring to Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development (CBARD) projects which aim to support farmers to increase their incomes by replacing poppy cultivation by more profitable and sustainable crops. These projects implemented by Tiger Swan and funded by International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau (INL) take place in Nangarhar, Badghis and Farah.
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningEducationFormative evaluation of the Girls Access to Teacher Education (Gate) scholarship programme
ATR, a local project partner collaborating with Education and Development Solutions (EADS), conduct a mixed method formative evaluation of GATE programme performance. ATR’s role include consultation in developing and revision of tools, piloting tools, data collection, translation of the data, analysis of quantitative data and review of the final report. ATR will conduct 350 surveys with programme’s beneficiaries, 189 KIIs and 27 FGDs with stakeholders, beneficiaries and persons involved in the programme in district level. Additionally, ATR will observe 5 TTCs in district and provincial level and will find 7 stories of transformation.
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningGenderGender-based violence
ATR assessed the evolution of violence against women in Kabul province during the COVID-19 pandemic. This assessment contracted by Magenta was done by conducting KIIs with women in the province.
Socioeconomic ResearchGenderGender norms addressing poppy cultivationMagentaAfghanistan07/2020-08/2020
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningHealthA comprehensive multi-input project that advanced the community health by improving service quality, strengthening human resources, and engaging communities in healthy practices. ATR oversaw the project through sampling tool development, data collection, quality control, coding and analysis as well as report writing.AKFAfghanistan07/2020-12/2020
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningHealthA study to provide a baseline for an integrated nutrition, health, WASH, and communication for cross-sector development. The project sought to ameliorate the skill set of key frontline health workers and for community members to strengthen prevention practices for better maternal and child nutrition, new-born care and hygiene and sanitation.UNICEFAfghanistan06/2020-08/2020
ResearchResearchATR has been commissioned by UNICEF to undertake a rapid welfare monitoring assessment to track the status of women, adolescents, children and their households in Herat through the Covid 19 crisis period. The rapid assessment seeks to collect data on women, adolescents (boys and girls) and their households as well as key service points that affect their welfare, such as health.UNICEFAfghanistan05/2020-10/2020
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned by DFID to conduct key informant interviews in four provinces of Afghanistan in order to understand the dynamics of development projects. The data was collected through a randomised selection approach. The respondents included construction workers, government officials and civil society groups. In all, ATR is to conduct around 80 interviews but those figures 05/ change as the project progresses.DFIDAfghanistan03/2020-07/2020
Translation ServicesTranslation ServicesA long term agreement with UNICEF to provide high quality and technically accurate translations in English, Dari and Pashto of technical communication, training tools, documents, reports, press material, newsletters, press releases, human interest stories, scripts, briefing books, and other materials produced by UNICEF and partners.UNICEFAfghanistan03/2020-02/2020
Baseline Data CollectionBaseline Data CollectionA needs assessment and a baseline data collection project as part of the Cultural and Sport for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Reintegration of Afghan Returnees and IDPs (Hamdeli) Project. ATR conducted a two-phased mapping and assessment of social integration, social cohesion, and peaceful co-existence of IDPs, returnees, and host communities in Herat and Nangarhar.UNESCOAfghanistan01/2020-05/2020
Third Party MonitoringDevelopment and Humanitarian AssistanceATR conducted 4,000 site visits throughout all 34 provinces of Afghanistan each year interviewing contractors and beneficiaries of the World bank through face to face interviews and phone surveys.World Bank, BDO, ARTFAfghanistan
EvaluationEvaluationTelephone interviews with 79 men and women who participated in listener club activities in six targeted provinces last year. The telephone interviews were conducted using a quantitative tools provided by BBC Media Action.BBC Media ActionAfghanistan12/2019-01/2020
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned to conduct a needs assessment study to understand the need for information on migration at community level, as well as to identify the tools for how these communities in and outside of Kabul can be better reached.ICMPDFAfghanistan12/2019-06/2020
Socioeconomic ResearchMigration & DisplacementWestern Afghanistan was hit by recurrent drought in2018 and it led to massive displacements in2018. ATR was commissioned to reimagine the initial response by both the humanitarian community and the government of Afghanistan for both IDPs at displacement sites and affected households.DRCAfghanistan11/2019-03/2020
Data CollectionData CollectionATR was commissioned to conduct a data collection on the implementation of IMAM in Afghanistan. The evaluation’s main objective is to achieve results that will contribute to enhancing IMAM’s performance and strategies to deliver effective results.UNICEF, ACH UKAfghanistan10/2019-12/2019
Socioeconomic ResearchMigration & DisplacementATR was commissioned for a research study on the perspectives of IDPs on the National IDP Policy. The aim of the research study was to take stock of the implementation of the National IDP Policy and to formulate recommendations for an improved implementation of the National IDP Policy from the perspectives of IDPs.ACBARAfghanistan10/2019-12/2019
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningDevelopment and Humanitarian AssistanceATR assessed the performance of WFP’s efforts to promote the availability and affordability of nutritious food products in Afghanistan, with a particular emphasis on fortified wheat flour, fortified soy products, and the production of Ready-to-Eat Supplementary Food (RUSF).WFPAfghanistan10/2019-12/2019
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationDevelopment of National IDP Policy M&E framework and Complaints Response Mechanism for MoRRWHHAfghanistan08/2019-11/2019
Strategic AdvisoryMigration & DisplacementATR has been commissioned by WHH, in collaboration with the Government of Afghanistan, to develop a campaign strategy and campaign materials for an awareness campaign designed to promote IDPs’ and returnees’ knowledge of their rights in Afghanistan.WHHAfghanistan08/2019-11/2019
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned to assess the implementation of the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project to date. The study focused on CCAP’s performance relative to the stated timeframe for implementation and programmatic objectives.World Bank, ACBARAfghanistan09/2019-03/2020
ResearchResearchATR was contracted to conduct a comparative study of local planning and budgeting processes throughout Afghanistan. The assignment included extensive desk research, consultations and workshops as part of an effort to help better align the provincial planning processes with the national budget.UNDPAfghanistan09/2019-12/2019
Data CollectionData CollectionATR conducted a process evaluation of the CBNP by gathering evidence on the programme's fidelity to design, deliver and to identify operational gaps or barriers, plus potential strategies to mitigate them.UNICEFAfghanistan08/2019-11/2019
ResearchResearchATR conducted preliminary research on the long-term impact that RoP has had on the farm and relevant areas. ATR is preparing in-depth case studies using qualitative and ethnographic methods to assess the effect of RoP on economic growth and prosperity, as well as its impact on social resilience and peace.Roots of PeaceAfghanistan08/2019-10/2019
InterviewsInterviewsATR completed 30 interviews with land mine clearers who have returned to cleared areas and those still living near the affected areas.Noah CoburnAfghanistan06/2019-08/2019
Data CollectionData CollectionATR conducted a household listing of 7,000 eligible households in approximately 200 accelerated learning centers (ALCs). The purpose of this data collection was to contribute evidence-based and risk-inform programming to increase access to secondary education for out-of-school (OoS) adolescent’s girls and reduce child marriage practices in Afghanistan.UNICEFAfghanistan07/2019-09/2019
Data CollectionData CollectionATR conducted a study in which clusters of health services were randomly allocated to either the CBNP intervention or the current standard of existing health services. The evaluation contributed to the efforts of the government of Afghanistan to promote evidence-base programming for community-based nutrition services.UNICEFAfghanistan07/2019-10/2019
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR entered into a lump-sum contract with ADB to perform Third party monitoring (TPM) on 5 large scale ADB-funded infrastructure projects across the energy, transport, agriculture and natural resources sectors.ADBAfghanistan07/2019-09/2019
ResearchResearchATR was the subcontractor of C4ED to measure the impact of “Improving Adolescents’ Lives in Afghanistan” on indicators related to the adolescents’ wellbeing. The aim of the project was to improve the lives of adolescents and strengthen the government’s capacity to handle adolescent issues.UNICEF, C4EDAfghanistan06/2019-02/2020
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningHealthATR was commissioned for a study (baseline and endline) of mobile health teams and community health worker services in hard to reach areas. The aim of this project was to understand the impact and effectiveness of medical outreach services.UNICEFAfghanistan01/2019-12/2020
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningEducationATR conducted data collection for evaluation of the training delivered to school management shura members (SMS) in four provinces. The tools were developed by Magenta and further reviewed and tested by ATR senior staff. The methodology was developed by ATR in coordination with Magenta team.MagentaAfghanistan12/2019-02/2020
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningDevelopment and Humanitarian AssistanceThe SDFs layed out both the medium to long term development vision of the city, as well as identified specific areas or sectors for investment and intervention based on a demand-driven, consultative, participatory process involving multiple stakeholders. ATR led a baseline data collection for this project and contributed to the development of guidance manuals for the use of the SDFs.World Bank, Sasaki, MULDAfghanistan5/1/2019
Socioeconomic ResearchMigration & DisplacementATR facilitated the preparation of a series of context-specific area action plans for DRC and the other ADSP member agencies by identifying opportunities to promote community-wide resilience as well as helping ADSP staff predict obstacles and contextualize their interventions.DRCAfghanistan05/2019-09/2019
Capacity DevelopmentConflict & Governance & Rule of LawATR produced a comprehensive implementation plan for the strategic communication strategy for the national budget department.GIZAfghanistan03/2020-06/2020
Socioeconomic ResearchMigration & DisplacementWHH commissioned ATR for a study on TVET inclusiveness of TVET system in Afghanistan to gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles that IDPs and returnees face in accessing the TVET system.WHHAfghanistan03/2019-04/2019
Socioeconomic ResearchHealthATR served as the research organization for the IHSAN programme whose goal is to improve the nutritional status of women and children less than five years old, with a focus on the first 1,000 days.FHI360Afghanistan03/2019-01/2021
Capacity DevelopmentGenderATR submitted a comprehensive assessment report examining the implementation (or lack thereof) of the partners’ original institutional improvement and action plans, identifying areas of improvement. The assessment was mainly done in the areas of governance/leadership, administration, human resource management, financial management, and organizational management for CPGAP.Colombo PlanAfghanistan03/2019-08/2019
Capacity DevelopmentConflict & Governance & Rule of LawATR designed and implemented a conflict sensitivity training for de-mining agencies in Afghanistan, including the training manual and curricula for high-level stakeholders in UNMAS, its partner organizations and mine action implementing partners.UNOPSAfghanistan03/2019-08/2019
ResearchResearchATR collected, translated, analyzed data and interpreted data in support of the gender audit that enhanced the collective capacity of the DRC-DDG in Afghanistan.DRCAfghanistan02/2019-03/2019
EvaluationEvaluationATR collected data for the KonTerra Group’s mid-term evaluation of the efforts made by UNICEF and USAID to address out-of-school children in Afghanistan, gathering evidence of programme performance as well as its general efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.UNICEF, KonterraAfghanistan01/2019-06/2019
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningConflict & Governance & Rule of LawATR conducted field research to assess the implementation of the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee’s Conflict Transformation and Dialogue training.NACAfghanistan01/2019-06/2019
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned to better understand women’s needs in terms of transport in urban areas, and to identify viable business options to address these needs.World BankAfghanistan01/2019-04/2019
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR supported UNICEF’s programmes in Afghanistan’s central region through third party monitoring (TPM) of the health, nutrition and education facilities.UNICEFAfghanistan11/2019-02/2019
ResearchResearchATR assessed the impact, efficiency, sustainability and relevance of the activities implemented through the USIP’s Community Court Observation (CCO) project in Kabul, Kandahar, Kapisa and Nangarhar provinces.USIPAfghanistan10/2018-01/
ResearchResearchATR conducted research on the environmental, social and governance components of the saffron value chain in Herat. The research addressed labour requirements for saffron cultivation, income and international markets, working conditions, safety, supply chain and seasonal variations, skills, training and social trends.INFRONTIERAfghanistan09/2018-10/2018
ResearchResearchATR evaluated the demand for financial products aimed at supporting imports and exports among SMEs in Afghanistan to help ACGF determine which trade finance products should be designed and offered to the Afghans SMEs involved in international trade.ACGFAfghanistan09/2018-10/2018
DataDataAs part of the impact evaluation of ACGF's credit guarantee scheme and ACGF's activities by Steward Red Queen (SRQ), ATR conducted both phone surveys as well as qualitative interviews with SMEs that have benefited from ACGF's credit services.ACGFAfghanistan08/2018-10/2018
ResearchResearchATR provided the DRC with insights to promote legislative changes, inform policy development and enhance the effectiveness of interventions in the search for durable solutions for displaced Afghans in the region.DRCAfghanistan08/2018-11/2018
ResearchResearchAs part of the knowledge management for a program launched by UNICEF, ATR partnered with the Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED) in order to collect and document the knowledge and lessons of the program from the organizations, partners and the communities involved.C4EDAfghanistan08/2018-10/2018
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted the Electricity Access and Socio-Economic Baseline Survey, providing USAID and stakeholders with baseline information about access to electricity, as well as economic, social, and political conditions, in the two designated zone(s) of influence in Ghazni and Wardak provinces.USAID, CHECCHIAfghanistan06/2018-08/2018
ResearchResearchATR conducted an assessment on barriers to literacy in Afghanistan for the ACR programme of Creative International Inc. ATR has been responsible for supporting design and conducting the field work of this formative research in Nangarhar and Herat provinces.MagentaAfghanistan05/2018-07/2018
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR supported UNICEF’s polio eradication efforts through independent Third-Party Monitoring (TPM), providing UNICEF with triangulated and validated field-level information and identifying critical programme performance issues, thereby allowing UNICEF to make informed programmatic decisions and adjustments.UNICEFAfghanistan07/2018-07/2019
ResearchResearchAfghanistan is one of the three remaining countries where polio is still endemic. UNICEF, in partnership with WHO, has committed itself to polio eradication. ATR is acting as Third Party Monitoring on this national project by conducting surveys and data collection.UNICEFAfghanistan07/2018-07/2019
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationOxfam in Afghanistan and PUR Projet, commissioned ATR to conduct a baseline study to provide an information base (benchmark) on a project aimed to empower and support goat farming and cashmere producing communities in Afghanistan.OXFAMAfghanistan05/2018-06/2018
Research & EvaluationResearch & EvaluationATR conducted a comprehensive labour market assessment across two provinces (Herat and Baghlan) for IOM, providing a comprehensive LMA report to be consolidated with ATR’s LMA for Mercy Corps, mentioned above.IOMAfghanistan04/2018-10/2018
ResearchResearchATR is the research organization for the IHSAN programme whose goal is to improve the nutritional status of women and children less than five years old, with a focus on the first 1,000 days (from the beginning of pregnancy to 24 months of age).IHSANAfghanistan07/2018-01/2021
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to conduct nationally representative opinion surveys in Afghanistan throughout2018. The aim of this research was to allow trends analysis and a developed understanding of local perceptions.UNAMAAfghanistan04/2018-03/2019
ResearchResearchATR conducted an evaluation of the NAC portfolio across three provinces and 5 sectors of interventions. The evaluation was followed by a series of workshops facilitated by ATR.NACAfghanistan03/2018-06/2018
EvaluationEvaluationATR conducted an End Term Evaluation (ETE) of HiH Af’s poverty and gender inequality reduction programme, which aimed to increase household income and financial resilience for rural women through enterprise and job creation.HIH, DFIDAfghanistan02/2018-05/2018
ResearchResearchATR evaluated the impact of using a single vaccination handbook rather than separate documents for each vaccination as part of UNICEF’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) handbook pilot programme in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces.UNICEFAfghanistan01/2018-06/2018
ResearchResearchATR conducted assessments in 4 districts that have been designated 'white areas' and completed both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods through which conducted 3,200 surveys (800 in each province).WHOAfghanistan01/2018-06/2018
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR provided third party monitoring (TPM) services to verify progress reports of SCA programmes, assess if SCA interventions were appropriate for the needs of target groups, assess the quality of services according to standards set by SCA and identify gaps in the delivery of services.SCAAfghanistan01/2018-12/2018
ResearchResearchATR conducted a Labour Market Assessment (LMA) across fourteen provinces for Mercy Corps and its implementing partners. The main objective of the LMA was to assess the status and context of the market in target provinces.Mercy CorpsAfghanistan11/2017-03/2018
ReviewReviewATR conducted a midterm review for Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and its partner NGOs to measure general progress of their Building Resilient Communities for Sustainable Development and Peace programme.NCAAfghanistan11/2017-12/2018
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR improved the quality of human resources management in the BAP through the creation of a training in HRM specific to the BAP.Expertise FranceAfghanistan11/2017-11/2018
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationMidterm evaluation of "Tien Sira" and final evaluation of PDDHEdburghMali07/2017-10/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted an evaluation of the Improving Adolescents’ Lives in Afghanistan (IALA) programme, implemented by UNICEF Afghanistan with the financial support from the Ikea Foundation (IF).UNICEF, C4EDAfghanistan10/2017-03/2018
ResearchResearchATR was commissioned by the UNDP to study the livelihood situation within the AliceGhan Township and explore economic opportunities in the surrounding areas.UNDPAfghanistan09/2017-11/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted research on the Afghan National IDP Policy to assess the extent to which the policy addressed the needs of IDPs at the field level.WHHAfghanistan08/2017-02/2018
ResearchResearchATR produced a high-quality research paper focused on physical protection risks among Afghans on the move.DRCAfghanistan08/2017-12/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationMid-term Evaluation of Reproductive Health and Reproductive RightsEdburghAfghanistan08/2017-09/2017
Socioeconomic ResearchConflict & Governance & Rule of LawATR conducted research in order to assess the extent to which the Afghan government and the international community met their aid effectiveness commitments of the past four international conferences on Afghanistan.SCAAfghanistan08/2017-11/2017
Capacity DevelopmentConflict & Governance & Rule of LawIndividual Mission on the Framework of International Cooperation ProjectExpertise FranceKabul08/2017-11/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted and designed the feasibility study in collaboration with PUR Projet. ATR developed the feasibility study tools to collect information linking cashmere value chains and livelihoods.OXFAMAfghanistan08/2017-09/2017
ResearchResearchATR has been commissioned by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to conduct nationally representative opinion surveys in Afghanistan throughout2017.UNAMAAfghanistan04/2017-12/2017
AnalysisAnalysisATR was commissioned by Nomad Concepts to analyse data collected by Nomad using the UN Humanitarian Emergency Assessment Tool (HEAT) in Khogyani IDP camp in Nangarhar province.NOMADAfghanistan04/2017-05/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationThe “Girls Can Code!” programme is a project aimed at teaching web development to 11th and 12th grade girls. ATR assessed the potential of the programme to address the needs of the labour market and provide access to employment for females in Afghanistan, providing recommendations for future replication of the project.WomanityAfghanistan04/2017-04/2017
ResearchResearchATR analyzed two large-scale surveys of users and actors of the informal justice system in Mali, under the Mali Justice Project (MJP) implemented by Checchi and funded by USAID. The analysis determined the level of knowledge, access and the usage of the informal justice, and provided recommendations to increase linkages between the formal and informal justice sectors.USAID, CHECCHIMali01/2020-03/2020
ReviewReviewATR facilitated the internal review of the Malian Peace Building Fund first phase. This review consisted in conducting Key informant interviews with all stakeholders involved in the PBF.MINUSMAMali02/2017-04/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR provided evidence-based recommendations for expanding the geographical scope of a local governance improvement program.Embassy of the NetherlandsMali01/2014-01/2019
Monitoring & Evaluation, Strategic AdviceMonitoring & Evaluation, Strategic AdviceATR was commissioned to plan Welthungerhilfe’s peace project in Mopti region. ATR conducted a feasibility study in Tenenkou and Youwarou and put together a full project plan with associated logical framework and budget.WHHMali12/2016-01/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted a perception study intended to inform the Danish Refugee Council's programming with the Malian diaspora in the targeted regions.DRCMali12/2016-01/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted a market assessment in Erbil and Kirkuk in order to identify small business and job opportunities for female IDPs.War ChildIraq03/2017-03/2017
ResearchResearchFeasibility study for a project supporting several Afghan value chains. ATR identified bottlenecks and opportunities for the Afghan carpet and jewelry sectors on the domestic market and abroad.AFDAfghanistan02/2017-07/2017
Research & EvaluationResearch & EvaluationATR conducted research to examine audience perceptions of Burka Avenger, a children’s television program aired on Tolo TV and Lemar.Lapis CommunicationsAfghanistan12/2016-07/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted a study aiming at identifying the conditions of Afghan unaccompanied children working in Iran. ATR made recommendations to allow War Child and the government to increase the protection.War ChildAfghanistan06/2020-07/2020
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a third-party monitoring of a sample of 485 wells installed in 13 provinces under USAID-funded WATSAN project.USAID, CHECCHIAfghanistan01/2017-06/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR implemented one baseline study to inform the development and the implementation of the latest large-scale USAID funded irrigation project covering North Afghanistan.AECOMAfghanistan02/2017-07/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted an evaluation of TdH humanitarian activities supporting returnees. The research set a baseline and assessed the feasibility to fully or partially replicate the current intervention in Kabul.TDHAfghanistan11/2016-01/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted an impact evaluation that assessed the extent to which the NSP influenced the perceptions of the government by the communities.SCAAfghanistan09/2016-10/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a full inspection of education infrastructure funded by DANIDA, evaluating the quality of school construction and verifying data on student enrollment.DanidaAfghanistan01/2016-08/2017
ResearchResearchATR conducted an evaluation of the impact of the reintegration programs of ChildFund in Nangarhar. This project was canceled due to the close out of ChildFund.ChildFundAfghanistan10/2020-12/2020
ResearchResearchATR conducted a survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) towards reproductive health with young males in 5 provinces.JHPIEGOAfghanistan09/2016-10/2017
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR trained two groups of eleven National NGO members as part of the Twinning Programme on proposal design. ATR delivered four two-day courses to each group.ACBARAfghanistan2/1/2015
ResearchResearchATR analyzed 40,000 surveys, identified findings on perceptions on human security and service delivery and produced an advocacy document based on these findings.UN HabitatAfghanitan06/2016-09/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR designed and conducted a two-day results review workshop with staff from War Child Canada, OHW, HRDA and PARSA and developed vocational training modules based on a market assessment.War ChildAfghanistan02/2016-08/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR performed field monitoring and data analysis for a large-scale survey of schools in Ghana as part of an evaluation of the World Bank's GPEG programme.EdburghGhana02/2016-03/2016
ResearchResearchATR conducted a baseline survey for NRC and UNOCHA in five under-researched provinces in order to analyze differences in humanitarian needs between easy-to-access areas and hard-to- access areas.NRD, UNOCHAAfghanistan08/2016-12/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a comprehensive survey aimed at assessing people's awareness and perceptions of the justice system, as well as trends in the use of formal and informal justice mechanisms.Moby GroupAghanistan05/2013-07/2013
PollingPollingATR proceeded to a post broadcast survey of "Defenders Drama Series" broadcast on Tolo TV.Moby GroupAfghanistan
ProposalProposalATR designed ‘Farhangsara’, a nine-year cultural programme to strengthen shared and diverse cultural values and peaceful interaction among people in two regions of Afghanistan.HelvetasAfghanistan05/2018-06/2018
Monitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentMonitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentATR facilitated the review of the program with the senior and field staff of Helvetas.HelvetasAfghanistan
Strategic AdviceStrategic AdviceATR and two other independent consultants developed Afghanistan’s Sub-national Governance and Development Strategy for UNDP through consultations with the key stakeholders.UNDPAfghanistan08/2012-12/2012
PollingPollingATR conducted two viewership phone surveys of 500 respondents for Afghan Star show on TOLO TV.Moby GroupAfghanistan12/2013-03/2014
ResearchResearchATR conducted market research and provided BBC with recommendations on addressing market gaps in TV offerings.BBCAfghanistan03/2018-04/2018
Monitoring & Evaluation, Proposal WritingMonitoring & Evaluation, Proposal WritingATR developed a proposal for the fourth phase of the Rural Access Improvement Project (RAIP) in northern Afghanistan.UNOPSAfghanistan09/2016-09/2016
ResearchResearchATR collaborated on a comparative study of surveys and FGDs on the key variances in humanitarian needs between easy-to-access areas and hard-to- access areas. It was later used for evidence-based advocacy.NRC, UNOCHAAfghanistan04/2016-06/2016
ResearchResearchATR provided War Child with a 600 respondent survey and focus group discussions with IDPs and returnees in camp settings in order to analyze their main challenges.War ChildAfghanistan02/2016-05/2016
Socioeconomic ResearchLabor Market AnalysisATR provided targeted recommendations for addressing barriers to economic inclusion through policy, advocacy and programme responses that addressed key factors contributing to youth unemployment.OXFAMAfghanistan02/2016-03/2017
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR collected quantitative and qualitative data through surveys about the 'The Journey', a strategic communication program seeking to raise awareness and deter would-be migrants from attempting to illegally reach Australia.Lapis CommunicationsIraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan03/2016-09/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR provided analysis on the course of the conflict resolution project Within and Without State (WWS). ATR recommended changes to improve project effectiveness and efficiency and expand policy-level influence in nine communities of Kunduz province.OXFAMAfghanistan12/2015-03/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted research to examine audience perceptions of Burka Avenger, a children’s television program aired on Tolo TV and Lemar.Lapis CommunicationsAfghanistan12/2015-01/2016
ResearchResearchATR conducted a market research on Pashtun audiences in Afghanistan through a series of FGDs and provided BBC with targeted recommendations on addressing market gaps in TV offerings.BBCAfghanistan11/2015-12/2015
Strategic AdviceStrategic AdviceATR’s strategic communications expert designed a multi-year strategy to raise the profile and positive perceptions of the EU with Afghans.EUAfghanistan10/2015-12/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR assessed the extent to which road infrastructure and small-scale rural livelihood projects for women resulted in meaningful changes in socioeconomic conditions for people in those provinces.UNOPSAfghanistan07/2015-10/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR evaluated the impact of six rule of law projects on the relationship between the formal and traditional justice sectors in Afghanistan.USIPAfghanistan10/2015-12/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR worked on a project aimed at fostering better understanding of the shared cultural and historical ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan.Lapis CommunicationsAfghanistan, Pakistan10/2015-12/2015
ResearchResearchATR provided a baseline assessment of the challenges facing IDP's and Afghan returnee families. ATR conducted household surveys, market mapping, stakeholder interviews and case studies.IRCAfghanistan09/2015-12/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR monitored and measured the progress of a community-based education program against key indicators, and provided an overall evaluation of the project at the end of the implementation period.ACTEDAfghanistan08/2015-05/2016
PollingPollingATR completed 3 complementary assignments for AFD in Kapisa to improve the implementation of its electrification projects.AFDAfghanistan07/2015-12/2015
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR conducted capacity assessments and developed curriculum and training modules based on the assessments and delivered training to government officials in 10 districts across four provinces.IOMAfghanistan06/2015-08/2015
ResearchResearchATR conducted a baseline assessment in 4 provinces to assess conflict and fragility issues in selected districts. The research led to an understanding of the root causes, main actors and drivers of conflicts and conflict resolution.The Asia FoundationAfghanistan05/2015-09/2015
ResearchResearchATR supported GIZ’s Promoting Good Governance in the Extractive Industries in Afghanistan by providing strategic recommendations.GIZAfghanistan06/2015-07/2015
ResearchResearchUnder the World Bank, ATR conducted 3 site-specific conflict and fragility assessments and delivered recommendations regarding the structure and membership of Grievance Redress Mechanisms (GRM).World BankAfghanistan05/2015-05/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR performed three baseline assessments of IDPs and returnees, including an analysis of socioeconomic conditions, protection challenges and market and labor challenges for reintegration.IRCAfghanistan05/2015-06/2015
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR facilitated exchange visits between District Government Offices in Herat province to compare the strengths of each district’s management systems, operational procedures, and civil servant culture.IOMAfghanistan04/2015-06/2015
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR facilitated a workshop gathering two district governments to share experiences and prepare for the next phase of the program.IOMAfghanistan04/2015-06/2015
Monitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentMonitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentATR conducted a baseline survey in Daikundi and provided training on data collection and M&E to the national staff for a project aimed at improving livelihoods, increasing food production and incomes, and improving natural resources management and resilience.OXFAMAfghanistan04/2015-07/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR performed a review of the Central Highland's Programme M&E Framework and systems through the organization and facilitation of workshops in Bamyan.MaderaAfghanistan03/2016-07/2016
Monitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentMonitoring & Evaluation, Capacity DevelopmentATR conducted a baseline assessment for MADERA’s 4-year, EU-funded “Support to Animal Health and Animal Husbandry” project.MADERAAfghanistan03/2016-07/2016
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR visited schools in administrative regions throughout the country. Through a KAP survey of students, key informant interviews with education professionals, parents, and program staff and FGDs with children, ATR determined behavioral changes resulting from the projects activities.UNICEFKyrgyzstan03/2015-06/2015
ResearchResearchATR delivered an in-depth overview of the security cooperation environment, an analysis of collective potentials and incentives, and practical recommendations to promote security cooperation.The Asia FoundationAfghanistan, Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Kazakstan, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, UAE01/2015-03/2015
ResearchResearchAs part of the French Government strategy to support governance in Afghanistan, ATR conducted a review of training programs for civil servants in Afghanistan.French EmbassyAfghanistan01/2015-02/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a phone survey with women to gauge their perceptions of the Burka Avenger TV series. In addition ATR organized focus group discussions with mothers and children.Lapis CommunicationAfghanistan01/2013-03/2013
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted interviews and FGDs in IDP camps to capture beneficiaries’ perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of individual components of Welthungerhilfe's (WHH), 3-year, $1.5 million BMZ financed project.WHHAfghanistan01/2015-02/2015
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR consulting delivered a training package that included modules on leadership techniques in order to enhance organizational efficiency, as well as communication and reporting skills to enhance communications internally and externally.HelvetasAfghanistan10/2014-11/2014
ResearchResearchATR Consulting was contracted to adjust the UN’s multi-country system-wide Rule of Law Indicators to the Afghan context and to create a baseline for the Afghanistan RoL Indicators.UNDPAfghanistan06/2014-01/2015
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR built the capacity of the Helvetas program staff on monitoring outputs and outcomes under the ‘Improving Livelihoods of Rural Communities’ programme in the Central Highlands.HelvetasAfghansitan06/2014-01/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted spot checks that allowed information coming from implementing partners on school and classroom environments, including the use of learning materials, enrolment, attendance, and drop out records for preschool, community-based primary schools, and accelerated learning programmes to be verified.AKFAfghanistan09/2014-09/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a short panel study after the final broadcast of the Dream and Achieve national programme on Lemar.Moby GroupAfghanistan08/2014-11/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR facilitated the internal review of the SDC-funded Rural Livelihood Program (RLP) and designed and implemented FGDs with CDCs, farmers, direct beneficiaries and women in the 4 project districts.HelvetasAfghanistan08/2014-08/2014
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR consulting delivered training sessions on conflict management and resolution to 15 men and 15 women selected within the DDAs.AECOMAfghanistan09/2014-12/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR evaluated USAID’s Rule of Law project, a USD 30 million project implemented by TetraTech DPK from 2010 to2014 aimed at strengthening the formal justice system of Afghanistan.USAIDAfghanistan11/2014-01/2015
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR consulting organized focus group discussions in 34 provinces to prepare the topics that should be discussed under each of the provincial Town Hall Meetings broadcasted by the Moby Group during the parliamentarian election campaign in2015.Moby GroupAfghanistan11/2014-08/2015
ResearchResearchATR conducted a phone survey with 1,899 respondents including 883 smartphone users to examine the usage of smartphones in Afghanistan.Moby GroupAfghanistan08/2014-09/2014
ResearchResearchATR conducted 2 rounds of qualitative research in Kabul and Kandahar for CCI to gauge the legitimacy and credibility of the election process and how the latter impacted on the former.Creative AssociatesAfghansitan08/2014-09/2014
Monitoring Evaluation and LearningConflict & Governance & Rule of LawATR conducted a baseline assessment of the SIKA-South program in 14 districts which involved conducting over 6,100 surveys, 96 focus group discussions and 35 key informant interviews with male and female community members.AECOMAfghanistan08/2014-11/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR reviewed the Performance Management Plan and conducted 1,047 interviews to assess CDC and DDA perceptions across 5 mostly highly insecure districts.Counterpoint InternationalAfghansitan08/2014-11/2014
ResearchResearchATR trained youth to share their grievances and needs with government officials through activities used as a neutral platform for dialogue (poetry and Holy Quran recitation, athletic competitions) and supported elders by strengthening their capacity for dispute resolution through workshops and a district-wide Jirga.Creative AssociatesAfghansitan07/2014-10/2014
Capacity DevelopmentCapacity DevelopmentATR reviewed, edited and restructured the content of all training materials of NRC. ATR also developed detailed training modules, handouts, posters, visual aids, brochures and other relevant materials for legal training targeted at statutory and customary judicial players in Afghanistan.NRCAfghanistan05/2014-03/2015
ResearchResearchATR conducted a study on social media usage, preferences, risks, opportunities and engagement with Afghans.GIZAfghanistan07/2014-09/2014
Research, Strategic AdviceResearch, Strategic AdviceATR researched and designed 4 white papers focused on topics relating to the investment climate in Afghanistan.Moby GroupAfghanistan, International media02/2014-11/2014
PollingPollingATR conducted a 3,086-respondent, nationwide survey that measured national perceptions on people’s preferred candidates.Moby GroupAfghanistan02/2014-02/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a quantitative study with a survey of 800 people to monitor the quality of the ‘Promising Voices’ Program and its impact among young educated people.Moby GroupAfghanistan12/2013-03/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a nation-wide study to gauge the impact of the Afghan Premier League on Afghans' values and behaviors and verify that these changes are attributable to the APL programme.Moby GroupAfghanistan07/2012-11/2012
PollingPollingPhone survey on youthMoby GroupAfghanistan
PollingPollingAudience rating Afghan Premiere League 1Lapis CommunicationAfghanistan01/2014-12/2014
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a desk review leading publications on the electoral process of Afghanistan and 21 key informant interviews with CSO leaders from 7 provinces to understand the context of the elections and identify relevant issues at the national and local levels.Moby GroupAfghanistan (Nangarhar, Kabul), Pakistan (Islamabad and Peshawar)09/2013-10/2013
ResearchResearchATR conducted a 2,06/3-respondent phone nationwide survey that measured national perception on people’s preferred candidates and on the Bilateral Security Agreement.Moby GroupAfghanistan12/2013-01/2014
Monitoring & Evaluation, ResearchMonitoring & Evaluation, ResearchATR reviewed the Performance Management Plan and conducted 1,156 interviews to assess CDC and DDA perceptions in nine mostly highly insecure districts.AECOMAfghanistan08/2013-12/2013
ResearchResearchUsing quantitative and qualitative research tools, ATR provided detailed information on the impact and coverage of the “Our Rights, Our Future” radio program.Moby GroupAfghanistan07/2013-10/2013
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a survey of 1,317 respondents to gauge the impact of “The Traveling Doctor”, a State Department-funded TV series with information on maternal and child health.Moby GroupAfghanistan05/2013-07/2013
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR proceeded to a capacity gap assessment of the local authority administrations and recommended a training scheme responding the preoccupations of the constituents, thus fostering stability in the district.IRIAfghanistan01/2013-03/2013
ResearchResearchATR conducted an audience rating of the TV programme, "The Voice".Moby GroupAfghanistan01/2013-12/2013
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR conducted a capacity gap assessment in the government offices and a capacity assessment of traditional leaders on their ability to reach out to communities and support conflict resolution through semi-structured interviews, observations and a participant survey.Lapis CommunicationsAfghanistan04/2012-06/2012
ResearchResearchATR reviewed the policy, legal and strategic frameworks of the education sector. This included an analysis of donors’ support and NGOs’ approaches in promoting education, including the WB, SIDA, DFID and WFP.HelvetasAfghanistan12/2012-12/2012
Monitoring & EvaluationMonitoring & EvaluationATR developed an evaluation framework for a one-year project launched by the US embassy to raise citizens' interest in the2014 elections and improve election turnout in order to measure both outcomes and impact in representative provinces.Moby GroupAfghanistan12/2012-04/2014